First gig on the blog

Collage of pictures with bagpipes, event organizers, and Chihuahua dog.

Well, I played my first gig last weekend since starting my blog. Sorry, I’ve been procrastinating a bit on it. As those closest to me would know, this a common thing I do when it comes to writing as it tends to cause some anxiety. Funny how I’m writing a blog now!

Last weekend, I had a great time playing at the Stewart family reunion in Baden. It was all thanks to a chance meeting at the Scotch Club (who doesn’t love Scotch!?) at the Puddicombe House, a great little restaurant and inn in New Hamburg. It was a bit of a different gig in the sense that my playing times were quite sporadic. The gentleman that hired me decided he wanted everyone to be piped into the backyard of his home, but everyone was coming from different places and at different times. So, I played a tune here and there as people arrived.

I also ended up playing for an impromptu highland dance recital as a couple of the young girls in attendance had brought their dance costumes. Oddly enough, before I started blogging, I rarely played for dancers and now it’s happened twice in the past month!

One of my favourite things about solo piping gigs is that you’re often invited to stay for supper. We had some great bbq including local corn from Herrle’s Farm Market in St. Agatha. And of course, it would not be a piping gig without the all-time classic request of Amazing Grace being performed before I made my great escape to the hospital for the night shift.


P.S. My wife swears I was a dog whisperer in a past life!

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