Piping in National Blind Lawn Bowlers

Bagpiper with group of visually impaired lawn bowlers

Last Wednesday, I had the pleasure of piping in the bowlers and directors during the opening ceremonies of the National Blind Lawn Bowling Championships. Just as it sounds, there are blind lawn bowlers that came from across Canada to compete in this five day tournament at the Dufferin Tennis and Lawn Bowling Club in Brantford.

Bagpiper leading parade of visually impaired lawn bowlers

The morning of the event, I was overwhelmed with honour by the number of bowlers and their supporters who wanted to come and meet me even before I started piping. I spoke with a gentleman who fought and piped during the Second World War. Another gentleman had worked in the tool and die trade which is the field I worked in shortly after high school. We reminisced about the various machine shops he had worked in. A woman from British Columbia told me about her aunt that had played with the famous Dagenham Girls Pipers from London, UK.I also met a woman who went to elementary school with one of my brothers and she had initially mistaken me for him! Lastly, a local man came to me to ask if I knew his sister that now lived in Nova Scotia, and she just happened to be one of my first piping instructors, Michelle C.

This gig is a perfect example of why I enjoy piping at events that have such “experienced” attendants.

Overall, the tournament was a great networking opportunity for me as I met with the folks who work for Tourism Brantford and Tournament Capital of Ontario, which will hopefully lead to future gigs I can blog about.

Click here for an article from the Brantford Expositor for more information about the tournament.

(Thank you to Ela S. for sharing the photo from the opening ceremonies.)


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