Farewell Mr. & Mrs. Smith

View from Portree

(Click play to enjoy a musical tribute to this lovely couple as you read the blog post.)

I don’t plan on blogging about funerals often, but these two people were very close and dear to my heart, and have a touching story. Although not actually my grandparents, as one of their grandchildren said at Mrs. Smith’s funeral on the weekend, they were like surrogate grandparents to many. Growing up, I referred to them as Nana and Granddad, as did their own grandchildren. My parents and I spent many weekends and holidays with them and even exchanged gifts at Christmas a few years. Or more likely, they gave me Christmas gifts as a child. Anyhow, this post is about celebrating their amazing lives together, and not mine!

Mr. And Mrs. Smith had been married 76 years when Mr. Smith passed away last October. And apparently, Mrs. Smith did not want to live another year without him as she passed away recently, 364 days after her husband. The same day she passed, she also held the door open for her great-great-grandchild to be born in the same hospital that she exited from our world moments later.

Mr. Smith was always ready for a party, hence he loved it when I brought my bagpipes to play for a birthday or anniversary. Mrs Smith was more quiet about how she interacted with her friends and family, but still loved the attention and affection of these people just as much. They both had smiles that could light up a room!

I had the honour of playing my bagpipes at both of these loving individuals’ funerals and am glad to know that they will once again be reunited.

— Andrew

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