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Did you catch that? Pipers, not Peppers.

Last Wednesday, Emily and I packed our kilts and made the 240 km journey from “the Burg” to “the Borough” – Peterborough, Ontario – to see the Canadian debut performance of the Red Hot Chilli Pipers.

Signed Red Hot Chilli Pipers T-ShirtThe band hails from Scotland and fuses traditional pipe tunes with contemporary pop rock hits to form a musical style all their own – Bagrock. Rather than try and describe their music, I’ll just let you listen to their cover of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”.

Three bagpipers, four drummers, two guitarists, and a keyboardist rocked the Peterborough stage and were more than happy to sign a t-shirt and take a few photos after the concert. Be sure to check out my Facebook album for more photos from the concert.


On our way out of town, we continued our tradition of seeking out locally-made products by stopping in at the craft microbrewery, Smithworks Brewery Company. Their Hefeweizen wheat beer and Kellerbier lager were top notch choices if you ever have the pleasure of visiting an ale house that offers their beer.

– Andrew

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