Embellishments for Wearing with your Kilt

Last week, we discussed the basic items you would want to have to wear with your kilt.

We’re back this week with another handy GIF, adding in a few embellishments you would want to have if you were attending a fancy event or wedding. You’ll want to pay special attention if it’s your own wedding!

GIF showing attire worn with a kilt

The “Embellishments” List

1. Sgian Dubh – In addition to what we covered last week, this would be the next item you’d want to add to your attire. Sgian Dubh (pronounced “skeen do”) is the gaelic name for the knife that goes in the top of your hose on your right leg.

According to an old drum major of Andrew’s, it’s worn at approximately two o’clock if you’re looking down at your own leg, in the middle of the flash ribbons if they’re worn in the correct spot. How far the Sgian Dubh sticks out from the top of your hose depends on their length. The general rule is 1.5 inches.

Man's leg in kilt hose with Sgian Dubh

2. Ghillie Brogues – These are similar to the full Oxford brogues (fancy man shoes), but they do not have a tongue and the laces are much longer and are tied up the leg. We’ll show you how to properly lace up your brogues in an upcoming post.

3. Argyll Jacket – We definitely recommend this kilt-specific jacket if you’re planning to attend a more formal event that others would be wearing a suit jacket at. There are other types of kilt jackets you could explore, such as the Prince Charlie which is comparable to a tuxedo jacket.

4. Tie Bar or Tack – There are many celtic jewellers making these Scottish themed items. A piece with a thistle or clan crest helps give a little extra bling to the top half of your attire. If you’re in the market, these make great groomsmen’s gifts.

Man inserting tie bar onto black tie

5. Kilt Pin – It’s not often that Andrew wears a kilt pin, due to the risk of it catching and ripping the fabric of his kilt’s apron. That said, they are helpful if you have a lighter weight kilt and are worried about your manly modesty.

Now, all put together it looks like…

Man modeling kilt and jacket

We hope you’ve enjoyed our tips on what to wear with a kilt! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

— Andrew and Emily

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