40th Birthday Surprise in Bright

Bagpiper matching into backyard

A few weekends ago, I was hired to make a surprise appearance at a 40th birthday in Bright, Ontario.

Elaine, who hired me for her husband’s birthday party, had seen my advertisement in the local paper earlier in the year and started following my blog. Since she had been following my blog, she was able to request a set list of tunes she knew her husband would like.

New to the Blog – A Reviews Page

The glowing review I received from Elaine was the catalyst behind adding a reviews page to the blog, something I’ve been meaning to do for awhile.

Because Bright is only a short drive from New Hamburg, I was able to tune up at home and make my entrance as I piped into the backyard a complete surprise! Sometimes it can be hard to plan logistics and be a surprise as bagpipes are a finicky instrument that must be tuned shortly before a performance. Anyone who knows me well will tell you I like to have a finely tuned instrument (aka. I take too long to tune up!).

Bagpiper in front of white picket fence

I’m glad to know that my blog has been helpful in making hiring a local bagpiper easy and that my playing brings such joy to others.


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  1. LOVE it! Thanks so much! elaine Date: Fri, 29 May 2015 11:45:48 +0000 To: elaineb_27@hotmail.com


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