When it Comes to Kilts, it’s a Small World

So, crazy story.

After recording this week’s #TuneTuesday in St. Mary’s, Andrew was packing away his bagpipes and I was snapping a few photos of the area to use in the post. We were about to leave when we were approached by a couple who were in the park taking their own photos. Her name was Heather; we didn’t catch her husband’s name. They asked if Andrew’s kilt was made in Toronto. When we said yes, Heather proceeded to tell us that she had made Andrew’s kilt.

Andrew and Heather

As it turned out, Heather works at William Glen and Son, a Scottish store in Toronto that specializes in highland dress. In anticipation of our wedding a few years ago, the Scottish store formally known as Cairngorm Scottish Imports is where we headed to purchase a new kilt for Andrew, dealing with owner Darren throughout the process. Both Darren and Heather are featured in this video I dug up from a few years ago.

The service and product we received were top notch, so much so that we ended up getting a new jacket and vest tailored for Andrew as well.

I guess the saying is true, “it’s a small world after all.” It was great to meet Heather.

– Emily

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  1. JOE and JUDY HUXLEY 15/07/2015 — 1:22 PM

    Neat story! Dad

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