A #Throwback That’s Out of This World!

Falling Star in Purple Sky

While this isn’t a typical post, it’s too good of a story not to share with you. In fact, it’s LITERALLY out of this world!

Man in kilt holding large meteorite

While you might think I’m just holding a random rock, it’s in fact a meteorite. And not just any old meteorite but one that’s now on display at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in Toronto in the Teck Suite of Galleries: Earth’s Treasures. It’s official name is “Hagersville.”

How many people can say they’ve held a museum-worthy artifact, in a kilt no less?!

Let me explain how this photo transpired.

On a Saturday morning, circa 2001, a band member (and elementary school teacher) brought along the “rock” to a parade in Simcoe, ON for ‘show and tell.’ It was found in her parent’s farm field near Hagersville, ON.  The fact that it weighed a tonne meant it was no ordinary rock.

Being a science geek, I HAD to get a picture with it. Even the sun shining in my eyes couldn’t stop me.

How the meteorite went from my hands to the ROM is something I’m not sure of. ROM staff, if you’re reading this and can provide any insight, please let me know.


Photo from Royal Ontario Museum 

I hope to visit the meteorite someday soon and who knows, I might just wear my kilt for the occasion!

— Andrew

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