Recapping Robbie Burns 2016

House Party - Post Page

From January 22nd to the 25th I played for ten different gigs! Of course, many were for Robbie Burns celebrations.

Saturday night, I had three gigs. I started my night off by piping in the haggis at the Scran and Dram Scottish Public House in New Hamburg, then I was off to Aberfoyle for a couple of gigs for the McLeod clan. After celebrating the life of the clan’s patriarch, we headed across the road for a Robbie Burns party.

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The party started off with the kids learning the basics of highland dance led by a couple of dancers from Mary Ellen Cann’s School of Highland Dancing in Guelph. After their lesson, I played for a short dance recital featuring the Highland Fling and the Sword Dance.

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Later, I piped the haggis through the house to signal the start of the traditional address to the haggis and toasts.

House Party Page Image 1

The Scottish entertainment came to a grand finale when I joined the party’s host to play Amazing Grace.

On top of the other gigs I played at Revival House in Stratford, Google in Kitchener, Luther Village on the Park in Waterloo, Wellington Park in Guelph, and celebrations of life in Guelph and Woodstock, it was a busy weekend!

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