Ireland – In Real Life: Sue Nally

This festival looks like a great edition to Waterloo Region’s calendar, replacing student packed streets with a taste of real Irish culture!


Red leather booth

Irish Real Life Festival logo

While green beer and epic street parties can signify St. Patrick’s Day in Waterloo Region, this year Sue Nallyis planning something different. She is hosting the Irish Real Life Festival (IRL) from March 12-19.

“There is more to Irish culture than beer, although we like beer just fine,” says Sue. “The IRL is a chance to showcase a rich array of contemporary and traditional elements of Irish culture, including music, storytelling, dance, cuisine, film, and literature, as well as classic beer and whiskey events.”
Sue, who you will not be surprised to learn is Irish, says the festival was inspired by the feeling of community that often comes with Irish culture and wanting to help repair our community’s relationship with St. Patrick’s Day. “There’s no denying that drinking is part of Irish culture but it’s always been more about the company and building community,” she says. “Pubs…

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