Introducing the Witches’ Blood Tartan

Red, Black, and Grey Tartan Fabric

Inspired by the Stratford Festival’s 2016 production of William Shakespeare’s “Macbeth,” the Witches’ Blood Tartan was designed by MacLeods Scottish Shop, an award-winning Stratford retailer. It is an official tartan, registered with The Scottish Register of Tartans.

As a regular at the shop, I learned about the tartan long before it was due to hit store shelves. Intrigued, I connected with the shop’s owner, Rob. Our conversation quickly turned to how we could collaborate to help promote this unique undertaking. I was quickly dubbed “The Official Witches’ Blood Tartan Piper.” I know, it’s a long title, but I’d rather that than have it shortened to “The Bloody Piper.”

Last week, MacLeods officially launched the tartan and I was on hand in my newly-fashioned kilt to help them celebrate.

Piper standing in front of red storefront with sign "Macleods Scottish Shop"

After my piping duties,  John A. Miller, the Artistic Producer of the Stratford Summer  Music festival, requested we pose together in the shop’s specially-designed photo booth – the #macbooth. Over the course of the summer, visitors can experience wearing the tartan in various forms (a kilt, bowtie, tam, scarf) and snap their own photos. I’ll be playing at the shop a few times as well, if you’d like me to pose with you.

I think John pulled off his first kilt-wearing experience rather well and you can too!

Two kilted gentlemen in front of Scottish castle backdrop

— Andrew


2 thoughts on “Introducing the Witches’ Blood Tartan

  1. Joe and Judy 15/05/2016 — 8:17 PM

    Really cool! I like how the tie matches the kilt. Nice jacket too!


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  2. Magdalene Raycraft 16/05/2016 — 10:54 AM

    I will have to get in and check it out!


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