#TuneTuesday | Murdo’s Wedding

Piper in the Burg playing a practice chanter

A couple of weeks ago, I had a conversation with someone and was trying to explain the instrument one begins to learn the bagpipes on. For this week’s #TuneTuesday, I thought I’d give a little demonstration of that instrument – the practice chanter.

Beginner bagpipers learn on a chanter before progressing to a practice goose (where a bag is added to the mix) and then a full set of Great Highland Bagpipes. The chanter has one plastic reed and can be made of wood or plastic. Someone once asked me if it’s like a recorder. My answer is, “well kind of, but a proper chanter is better.”

In the video, I play this week’s #TuneTuesday, “Murdo’s Wedding” which is another tune that can be used for a wedding recessional.

Enjoy and stay “tuned” for next week’s #TuneTuesday!


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