Piper for Hire

Weddings, funerals, and Scottish cultural events are the most common occasions people hire Andrew to play for. Below are some ideas of how the Great Highland Bagpipe can be included in these special events.

Of course, you’re not limited to these. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, family reunions, corporate or sporting events, fundraisers, and festivals are also great opportunities to include the “skirl of the pipes!”


  • As guests arrive for the ceremony
  • For the bride’s arrival to the ceremony
  • The bridal party’s processional into the ceremony
  • The signing of the marriage certificate
  • The newlyweds recessional out of the ceremony
  • As guests leave the ceremony
  • As guests arrive for the reception
  • The wedding party’s entrance to the reception
  • As the newlyweds enter the reception
  • For highland dancers during the reception

Click here to hear common tunes played by Andrew for weddings.


  • As guests arrive at the venue
  • Entrance of the casket/urn into the service
  • Following a moment of silence during the service (common for veterans)
  • For the recessional of the casket/urn from the service
  • At the graveside

Click here to hear common tunes played by Andrew for funerals.

Scottish Cultural Events

  • Processional of honourees/dignitaries to the head table
  • Piping in the haggis
  • Piping between courses (meal or Scotch tasting)
  • For highland dancers
  • Piping recital up to 45 minutes long

To hire Andrew to play at your next special event, please visit the contact page.

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