#TuneTuesday | Flowers of the Forest

White Canadian tombstones stand in forested cemetery

If you’ve ever stood at a cenotaph during a Remembrance Day ceremony, it’s likely you’ve heard this week’s #TuneTuesday. “Flowers of the Forest” is a traditional lament, meaning it’s a tune played as an expression of grief, sorrow and remembrance. It’s rarely played outside of military memorials and funerals.

A number of years ago, I made a CD recording of this tune so that my Mom could have it played over the PA system at her work. If you’re not able to attend a Remembrance Day service, please feel welcome to do the same with this recording.

I hope you have a chance to pause tomorrow at 11 a.m. and quietly remember those that have served their country.

Enjoy and stay “tuned” for next week’s #TuneTuesday!

— Andrew

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