#TuneTuesday | Piping in a Prime Minister

Canadian Flag flying against grey skyA few weeks ago, Canadians witnessed history as the son of a Prime Minister took office himself. Justin P.J. Trudeau was sworn in at Rideau Hall, becoming the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada

Buried amongst all of the media coverage from the day was a fact that all Canadian bagpipers will find interesting. Not only is Mr. Trudeau adept at Canadian policies and politics but piping as well! For his walk up the pathway to Rideau Hall with his new cabinet, CBC reported that the new Prime Minister specifically requested the tune “The Bonnie Banks o’ Loch Lomond”.

It’s only fitting that this week’s #TuneTuesday is that same tune.


Enjoy and stay “tuned” for next week’s #TuneTuesday!

— Emily

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