#TuneTuesday | Donald Willie and His Dog

March 8 Tune Tuesday - Feature Image

I was having a Twitter discussion with someone yesterday about my piping career when they asked me what my favourite tune to play was. I’ve already posted “Crossing the Minch,” which is probably my favourite, but I think this week’s #TuneTuesday is a close second.

“Donald Willie and His Dog” is another tune from the Scots Guards Volume II music book. The tune was written by Donald Morrison of South Uist, so it’s quite fitting that I like it. South Uist was the place I first learned to play the scale on a practice chanter while visiting my cousin.

According to the music book, this tune was “composed while helping Willie Morrison, Locheynort, South Uist, to round up sheep on the hill with his dog.”

March 8 No Logo - Square
Not Donald Willie, but me and my dog!

With this post, we’ve reached the one year mark of our #TuneTuesday series!

We hope you enjoyed our #TuneTuesday series!

— Andrew

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