Brampton Wedding: Piping in a Groom

08-06-2016 Brampton Wedding - Post Page

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of piping for a groom before his wedding in Brampton. I’m not too familiar with Indian culture and their wedding traditions, but from what I experienced, they like to go all out. See below for the proof!

08-06-2016 Brampton Wedding_1

For his entrance to the pre-wedding ceremony events, the groom arrived via helicopter, touching down in the venue’s parking lot.

08-06-2016 Brampton Wedding_2

I then piped the groom and some of his family and friends from the helicopter into the lobby of the banquet hall where they continued with formal introductions by exchanging garlands of flowers.

Next weekend, I will gain firsthand knowledge of Indian music when I collaborate with a couple of dhol drummers for an engagement party. Stay tuned to my social media accounts for some pictures from the event.

— Andrew

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